Cuts and Styles for Your Face Shape: Square Face Shape

keira-knightley-hairstylesIf you have a square face, consider yourself lucky. Some of the most famous people past and present have a strong, angular jawline. I have also heard that women with square faces also age very well—Lucky You!

Square faces to be angular, so you want to soften them with bangs, curls, and waves. Your best bangs are long, side-swept bangs that graze the brows. Another option is thick blunt bangs, but make sure they hit just below the brow and longer on the sides.

Long bobs are great on a square face, as long as they are soft and layered. AVOID a sharp, blunt bob that hits right at your chin—it will only accentuate your jaw, making the boxiness apparent. Ask your stylist to cut your bob shorter in the back, keeping hair longer in the front.

Long layers also compliment a square face. Long layers paired with side-swept bangs look great on someone who has a square face.


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