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Posted on July 18th, 2013 by Tyler Ruby


Win $200 from Your Favorite Salon

Posted on September 1st, 2015 by Tyler Ruby

salon 124 social contest

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Posted on August 5th, 2015 by Tyler Ruby

Eagle Ranch Day

Stylists Service Eagle Ranch Families Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead. –Mother Teresa As hairstylists we get to touch lives every day. The closeness created while a client sits in a stylist’s chair, both parties conversing through the mirror, would quite frankly be absolutely awkward in any other setting but at the salon. This is the closeness we as humans crave. Many stylists start their careers for various reasons. Whether they begin with a vision that includes impacting so many lives or not, they certainly end up valuing the relationships established through our craft. Clients initially visit hair salons to receive amazing hair services. After years of great hair appointments and hundreds of dollars spent, clients often realize they are not visiting the salon to simply get their hair done. The relationships established with a hair stylist often surpass any of the fabulous looks created in the chair. These relationships endure marriages and divorces, births and funerals and an array of other pivotal life events. But what about those that can’t book an appointment at their local hair salon? At the 124 Group we make many charitable contributions to a variety of nonprofits, local schools and churches alike; but, like the great Mother Teresa said, charity is not just about giving money. If all we can offer to the world is a check, what good are we doing to change the world we live in? Recently a New York based stylist took the initiative to do his part to change the world one head of hair at a time. Mark Bustos walks the streets of various New York neighborhoods every Sunday searching for homeless people who would appreciate a good haircut and something…

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Farewell Blow Dryer, Hello (h)Air Dryer

Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Tyler Ruby

Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It

As we approach the dog days of summer here in Atlanta, Georgia, finding any means to beat the heat is more crucial than ever. The feeling you get when perspiration starts just as your trying to create the perfect, not so perfect blow out is one all long-haired ladies of the South know all too well…Whether it’s a top knot or a messy pony tail, we all have our ways of avoiding the dreadful blow-dry before we start our day of fabulous. (Hello iced coffee.) Thankfully, the folks at Bumble and bumble understand our struggle. Although the chic haircare line calls NYC its home, they hit a soft spot with us Southern belles with their recent launch of Don’t Blow It. Maybe they had something else in mind with the development of this (h)air dryer without the heat or hassle. Either way, your friends down South thank you Bb. We thank you graciously. The first of its kind, Don’t Blow It is a creme-based formula adding body with a weightless feel that will keep even the longest of manes tamed and soft. Prickly pear and cactus flower extracts help nourish hair while moisturizing polymers tame frizz without weighing the hair (or the girl) down. The lightweight formula enhances hair’s natural texture and adds a little bounce creating that unintended-but-ever-so-apparent chicness. It’s “your hair, but better,” simply stated by Bumble’s Global Artistic Director, Laurent Philippon. Check his Instagram @laurentphilippon for more amazingness! As if we weren’t already totally intrigued with the idea we don’t HAVE to exert extraneous heat during our now 85 degree mornings… no exaggeration, and the weathergirl is offering no hope these days. Bumble’s new summer must-have also protects your hair from UVA and UVB rays. What more could a girl ask for? Don’t Blow It comes is…

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Dermalogica Day

Posted on June 16th, 2015 by Tyler Ruby

Dermalogica Day

With a mission to be the unquestioned leaders in the beauty industry, The 124 Group strives to excel service performance in both haircare and skincare. Salon 124, located in Grayson, Georgia, provides the best products in the industry to keep your hair and skin healthy, radiant, and looking its finest at all times. Salon 124 hosts many beauty events to introduce clients to some of their incredible skincare and cosmetic lines. These events provide a great opportunity for clients to receive one-on-one consultations and service demos from guest makeup artists and national skincare educators. Salon 124 recently hosted Dermalogica Day. Clients were treated to personalized skincare consultations with in-house esthetician, Jewel, and skincare professionals from Dermalogica. After talking all-things skincare, clients were presented with a skin analysis that included complimentary facials, microZone® treatments and customized sample products to help nourish their skin. Professionals at Salon 124 know how frustrating it is to pick out a face wash or makeup for a particular skin type. That’s why they love giving clients the opportunity to have the best advice right at their fingertips. How have you been taking extra care of your hair and skin? Leave a comment for Salon professionals to read! And stay tuned for more upcoming events!

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124 Day-Defining Success

Posted on June 8th, 2015 by Tyler Ruby

Salon 124 Logo

Every eight weeks Keune Academy by 124 hosts 124 Days to bridge the gap between being a cosmetology student and a salon professional.  It is an opportunity for managers and stylists from The 124 Group’s salon locations to teach the senior students. 124 Days offers a chance for students to get a better understanding of how The 124 Group operates through open forums with various home office employees like the Human Resources Director, Director of Marketing, and even The 124 Group President/CEO, Brian Perdue. This gives the students an in depth understanding of what they can expect when transitioning from hair school to a salon. It also provides invaluable inspiration from others in the industry. The most recent 124 Day hosted Dawn Berkhan, manager at Genesis by 124 Loganville. Her class was centered on what success means to each individual and how to achieve success far beyond doing great hair. Natalie Ivie, stylist and mentor at Genesis by 124 Loganville, also joined the class to share her insight as well as her story that first began as a student at 124’s former hair school, The Process Institute of Cosmetology. Dawn has been with The 124 Group for 13 years and has always had a passion for helping new stylists set goals and build their business. Success has no limits. Success is something that must be defined and measured by an individual. Often times one defines success by how much money they earn or status at work. Here are some of the answers the seniors at Keune Academy by 124 gave when asked what success means to them. Stability Happiness Respect Finding your calling in your life Loving your job Doing the same thing 10 years from now Regardless of your career path or the industry you choose, success is something…

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#GotBabyFood Feeds Local Foster Children

Posted on May 19th, 2015 by Tyler Ruby

Brian Perdue

In America, one in every eight children experience hunger every day. Each year over 20,000 cases of child abuse are reported in Georgia. As a result, there are over 9,000 children in foster systems in Georgia today. The largest contributing factors to these awful statistics are poverty and homelessness. The 124 Group is excited to announce their partnership with Uniting Hope 4 Children to support foster children and their families. UH4C is a local, faith based, non-profit organization founded by Wayne Naugle of the First Baptist Church of Loganville, in hopes to unite, train and inspire foster families. Wayne and his wife Kelli started UH4C after they began the journey of rescuing an abandoned baby girl from Atlanta. The Naugles realized how many children experience abandonment, so they began this wonderful charity to help. During the month of April our #GotBabyFood campaign was a great success with the help of our clients and salon family! Donations poured in and The 124 Group was able to donate hundreds of baby food jars and cereal boxes to UH4C!   Thousands of local families face not having enough food for everyone. Together we can change this horrid statistic and make sure that no child is going to bed hungry. UH4C not only ensures meals, but they also help provide the proper essentials and guidance families need in order to offer foster children a better future. Through the month of June, The 124 Group will be collecting baby bottles and formulas to continue supporting the great leaders at UH4C. Working together is the only way to end hunger and help children in need! We’d like to thank you, our donors, who have been the biggest part of this effort, for your generous gifts. Whether it’s a single jar of baby food or an entire case…

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Benefits of a Positive Relationship With Your Hair Stylist

Posted on May 28th, 2014 by Tyler Ruby

Benefits of a Positive Relationship With Your Hair Stylist

How does a long term relationship with your hair salon improve your hair style? Are you still looking for a hairstylist that you can trust? Do you move from one hair salon to the next looking for a stylist that will give you the results you see your friend or co-worker gets from their hair salons? Perhaps you need to take a look at how the hairstylist your friend has is able to produce such desirable results. It’s actually more than the differences in hair thickness, body, and hair care that improves a style. Hairstylist’s become more familiar with the way your hair responds over time. After several visits with a specific client, a stylist can predict what results they can get using one product over another and the best cutting method to help your hair type hold a style.  The more a stylist works with your hair, the better understanding they have of what works and what doesn’t work.  Talking to you about your hair helps a stylist gather information about what your preferences are and how to make a difference in the way your hair behaves.  Stop jumping from salon to salon and find a professional stylist that you can work with over time. Why are professional relationships beneficial to your hairstyle? Your stylist will improve the health, body and response of your hair over time It takes time to observe how certain cutting methods and coloring techniques work for your hair Stylists need to work with hair several times to understand what your preferences are and how to achieve maximum results Interacting with you over time gives a stylist insight into your personal and professional styling needs Having an established professional caring for your hair allows trust and a relaxing hair salon experience Your hairstylist is truly not…

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Posted on May 15th, 2014 by Tyler Ruby

Fight Frizzy Hair

Victoria Beckham recently showcased her newest fashion accessory line in Singapore. While we love her sense of style, we couldn’t help but find more relevance in her latest hashtag creation, #FightTheFrizz. As we in the south are getting shoved into summer, the Salon 124 Group graciously shares tips and products to help #FightTheFrizz. In the midst of major heat and humidity, most have two options: fight with everything you have to keep those strands sleek and straight, OR learn to embrace your natural texture and leave all of us straight-haired women green with envy. If straight and shiny is your only desire, our Keratin Smoothing Treatment or Keratin Express Blowout could save you endless amounts of energy and frustrations with your daily beauty regimen. These treatments vary in application time and results, but the bottom line is, they #FightTheFrizz and block the effects of humidity. If you were blessed with natural texture and curl, this time of the year may drive you absolutely insane, but with the right products and tactics, you and your curls can survive the humidity…and look rather amazing. Beautiful curls start with hydration, so be sure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner to keep your curls from looking thirsty. Use a weekly hair mask or daily treatment, like MoroccanOil Treatment to ensure your hair is properly prepped for amazing curls. When preparing to style your freshly washed hair, BLOT hair rather than rubbing with your towel. The friction created when rubbing your hair dry creates frizz. It’s always helpful to prep hair with a heat protectant.  Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother is infused with organic aloe and tapioca to create a smooth surface while defending against frizz for 12 hours while hydrolyzed wheat protein protects against surface heat damage. Antihumectant products are great for fighting…

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14 Timeless Hairstyles to Try

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by Tyler Ruby

Blake Lively

There are many types of hairstyles that have withstood the test of time. The reason these classic styles are still around today is because they will look flattering on any girl. Also, they are easy to get and maintain by visiting your local Genesis or Salon 124 hair salon. The Goddess Hairstyle For those with long or should length hair, this is a great style for you. Having your hair layered with an angle cut with help give your face a beautiful frame. Adding curls will give it another dimension and also give the hair that old time Hollywood glamour look. The New Retro Look This is another hairstyle that will look great with longer hair. The frizzy curls, and a burgundy color, will keep this style fresh while giving a retro feel. The Classic Girl Next Door For another play on longer hair, the girl next door look is great. The soft curls help to give it that classic look and also keep the hair looking healthy. The Natural Look Embrace your natural curl and just be yourself with this look. The crazy, wild looking curls help to give this old time style a modern update. Soft and Romantic This style, combined with an impressive berry shade, keeps it fresh and classic. For a twist on it, curl the hair and pin it back to keep this style soft and romantic. The Classic Pixie This haircut can be seen allover Hollywood lately. Stars like Emma Watson and Ann Hathaway have been rocking this style on the red carpet. The pixie can be either super short or you can add a bit more length to it to help give it more body. The Up Do A classic up do is a must for any occasion. To do an up do…

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5 Must Have Hair Accessories

Posted on March 3rd, 2014 by Tyler Ruby


It’s official, the New Year is upon us and it’s brought a whole pile of new trends in the worlds of fashion, make-up, and our personal favorite, hair. We’ve been keeping our eye on some of the biggest trendsetters across the globe, and we’ve noticed one thing. 2014 is the year of hair accessories! This is definitely good news for everyone out there who wants to try out a new look with their tresses, but doesn’t want to commit to a dramatic new haircut or a bold and daring dye-job. Don’t believe us? Check out this list we’ve rounded up of this season’s must-have bows, barrettes, and everything in between. Embellished Bobbypins Add a little style to your look while keeping those stubborn bangs out of your eyes with embellished bobbypins. These simple and small accessories can add a little sparkle or a subtle wow-factor to virtually any hairdo. Best of all, they’re super easy to make at home as long as you’re armed with a pack of bobbypins, a little glue, and a handful of beads, faux flowers, or pretty much anything else you can think of! Since they’re so affordable and easy to create, you can experiment without stress! Feathers This retro-inspired trend made it’s big re-appearance a couple years ago, and it’s not going anywhere in 2014! We’re certainly not complaining about it either. Feathers are one of the most diverse accessories out there, and can be used to embellish headbands, barrettes, and bobbypins alike.  Earth tones and bright colors can give your look an eclectic, bohemian vibe, whereas glossy black or white feathers offer that chic, 1930s flapper-feel. Fascinators Once upon a time, fascinators—lavish hairpieces full of lace and feathers—were reserved for the rich and famous at the most formal of events like weddings and galas….

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