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Posted on July 18th, 2013 by Tyler Ruby


Have No Fear Bond Fusion Is Here!

Posted on February 28th, 2017 by Tyler Ruby

Bond Fusion

Have No Fear Bond Fusion Is Here! Boost, Bond, Build Have you heard about our newest obsession, Keune’s Bond Fusion? This revolutionary product has quickly taken the industry by storm and here are all the reasons why… The Bond Fusion system has 3 phases: Bond Builder, Bond Enhancer, and Bond Recharger. Phase 1, Bond Builder can be used with salon color and it works by using the same proteins your hair is comprised of to protect and strengthen your hair. After just one treatment, your locks will feel SHINIER, SILKIER and SOFTER. Phase 2, Bond Enhancer can be applied all over your hair after your salon color is rinsed out or as a stand-alone, in-salon treatment. It works by restoring and replenishing the new bonds that were created in the first phase…making that shiny, silky hair last even longer! Phase 3, Bond Recharger is a take-home treatment that if used once a week for only 5 minutes will continue to prolong your in-salon treatment. This final phase creates a protective layer fortifying your strands, prolonging the benefits of phase 1 and 2 and keeping your hair in its best condition in between salon visits. Whether you have virgin hair, platinum blonde or copper red, straight or curly hair, your hair will most certainly benefit from Bond Fusion. For those of us who are not hairbrained, I’ll sum it up for ya! Bond Fusion is a must. From Balayage to root touch-ups, Bond Fusion can be added to any color service, and best of all, it will not add any processing time! With the help of our experienced *Hairgicans*, you can achieve all of your dream #hairgoals. Ladies, this will become your best friend. Whether it’s Elsa’s icy blonde, Ariel’s fiery red, or Pocahontas’ midnight black, we can help without jeopardizing…

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Stylist Spotlight on Cindy Saguil

Posted on November 17th, 2016 by Tyler Ruby

Cindy best hair stylist atlanta ga

Meet Cindy! She’s a level 3 stylists at Genesis Salons by 124 Suwanee & has been with the company for 2 years. Q: Your perfectly purple balayage received national attention from Keune & for good reason! It’s incredible hair— but the actual photography is just as great. Do you have any tips for stylists just hitting the floor that want to build their business online? A: PROMOTE YOURSELF. Post pictures, create thoughtful captions & actually ask your following to come see you! Q: So what advice do you have to spark creativity for your photos? A: Play around with color & don’t be afraid to try new things! Q: What makes a great hairstyle photo? A: Lighting, light, lighting! Try different things & see what works. Q: What is your favorite social media platform to highlight your hair creations? A: Definitely Instagram— I love using Instagram! It is mainly used for photos, so thats the focus. & Pinterest, I’ve actually gotten some clients from Pinterest! Q: What do you think makes a photo shareable on Pinterest? A: Keeping to your style & what you like! Q: What is your favorite hair inspiration account to follow? A: I like to use YouTube to find inspiration… Confessions of a Hairstylist is great for updo’s, & I love Guy Tang’s work too! Check out more of Cindy’s work on Instagram @cindysaguil and follow your fave salon @salon124group

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Why Kylie’s Platinum New ‘Do is Giving Us Unrealistic Expectations About Blonde Hair

Posted on September 12th, 2016 by Tyler Ruby

Kylie Jenner's New Haircut 2016

So Kylie Jenner dyed her hair over Labor Day weekend & we all watched it unfold on her Snapchat. And let’s face it, whether you want to or not, you’re probably familiar with the Kardashians… and their hair. Gorgeous, long, flowing, and DARK. While Kylie is known for changing her hair color (practically every other week with different colored wigs) her new look is a little more, uh— permanent. Anyone remember her blue hair that sent a color craze across the nation? Her massively successful wig company has been her color-changing secret— until now. Following in her older sister Kim’s footsteps, the makeup maven debuted platinum blonde locks earlier this week.  Now why is this a big deal again? Kylie’s platinum new ‘do is giving us unrealistic expectations about blonde hair. Sure, you can go from dark brown or black hair to platinum blonde eventually, but in real life, this doesn’t happen overnight. We even watched her sister Khloe transform from a chocolate brown babe to a blonde bombshell earlier this year. But again, this process took several months. So let’s break it down. Bleaching your hair basically works the same way as bleaching anything: by removing deposited color. With hydrogen peroxide as the main active ingredient, it works as an oxidizing agent capable of removing electrons from other molecules. Sounds dangerous right? Well, for your hair, it totally can be! Of course, your regular highlight appointment isn’t hurting you, but as your stylist has repeatedly said, using a heat protectant & conditioning products to repair damaged or over-processed hair, is essential in maintaining its integrity. Kylie’s magical overnight blonde locks actually weren’t magic at all. She has a team of hairstylists on staff, ready to facilitate bold hairstyles like this one. She practically has a glam squad following her…

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Ask the Artist – Linsey @ Salon 124 Sugarloaf

Posted on August 5th, 2016 by Tyler Ruby

Best Hair Salon Atlanta GA

Meet Linsey… She’s been with our company for 7 years and likes to call Salon 124 Sugarloaf home! She also attended our favorite school, Keune Academy by 124. We love Linsey for SO many reasons, but since you’re probably reading this on the clock, we’ll keep it quick!   Favorite Product: Keune Press Wax Best style tip anyone ever gave you: $100 LOL Client Pet Peeve: When they touch their hair during a blow dry Fashion trend I don’t get is: Black lips …but one I couldn’t resist trying was: Double top-knots Favorite service to do on clients: Short hair cuts Best way to relax: Netflix What’s in your purse right now? Day planner, 15 lipsticks, Flonase, 3 pairs of sunglasses If I could trade lives with another woman for a day, it would be: Meryl Streep Nicknames: Spaz The best gift I ever received from a client/coworker is: When i broke my arm a client gave me $200 and a beautiful letter Celebrity Hair Crush: Carli Bybel The super power I’d like to possess in real life is: Teleportation   We agree, Lins, teleporting could be fun! If you think Linsey would be a good hair match for you, you can call 770-623-0124 to schedule an appointment.   If you love Linsey as much as we do, let her know! Leave her a review on Google. Leave her a review on Yelp.

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4 Products Your Hair is Missing this Summer

Posted on July 6th, 2016 by Tyler Ruby

Keune Hair Design Products

Keune Dry Shampoo Let’s face it, washing your hair everyday is hard— during the summer, practically impossible. Luckily, someone created a magic spray so women everywhere can enjoy a skip day… or two. Dry shampoo isn’t only around to save you from dirty hair though; dry shampoo is a stylist’s secret to major volume in any look! Keune Dry Shampoo gives hair just the right amount of texture that helps with hold in the hot Atlanta heat. Trends to Try: Beach waves— mist a layer of dry shampoo at the root of clean or dirty hair & give it a little tousle. Create a wave affect by wrapping one inch sections of hair around the barrel of a 1 1/4 curling iron, alternating pieces towards/away from the face. Let curls set & then brush through hair with your fingers. Half-up bun or top knot— this style is a second day hair savior! Spray dry shampoo all throughout hair and brush. Put hair half way up, securing with an elastic band. Wrap the “ponytail” at the crown, using bobby pins to hold hair in place. The messier, the better!         2.  Keune Salt Mist Salt mist is a product staple, especially in the summer! It can be used in dry or wet hair to create texture that would make a mermaid jealous. We love using salt spray as a finish to any natural or messy style. Use alone or with a product cocktail and you’ll feel like you just stepped off the beach, wherever you happen to be. Trends to Try: Double french braids— spray salt mist all over wet or dry hair and part down the middle. Starting at the top french braid each side all the way to the end. Mist hair again, then from bottom…

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Top Hair Trends For Summer 2016 Told By Stylists

Posted on June 8th, 2016 by Tyler Ruby

Top Trends This Summer

One salon, one major summer trend, 3 different ways to do it: Salon 124 Sugarloaf shows us THREE different ways to create perfect beach waves! When asked what question their clients have most frequently, our 3 stylist spotlights: Roxana, Ashton, and Gabe, unknowingly had the same answer— “How do you curl your hair to create beach waves?” Lucky for you, there are several waves to achieve this look! Try them all and let us know which one is your favorite below. Roxana loves un-done, loose curls! She uses a large curling iron (about 1 ½ inches), wraps big, vertical sections around barrel, leaving the ends out.  Finish it off with Keune salt mist! Tip: Roxana’s favorite summer product is Keune’s dry shampoo because she can get away with not washing her hair everyday. 2. Cameron Diaz beach waves are more Ashton’s style. She sprays hair with Bumble and bumble’s new surf foam spray, then scrunches hair with a diffuser to achieve celebrity curls. Tip: Finish off with a light hairspray for extra hold 3. If you’ve been dying to learn the tricks to curling hair with a flat iron, Gabe is giving us her secret & it’s awesome— the messier, the better! Soft, touchable hair is a summer staple: Beach waves are great, but so is soft & smooth. Between the vacations and a lot of sun, it’s hard to keep hair healthy. Stylist at salon 124 Grayson, Kassie is notorious for soft, shiny hair with volume! With increased humidity, volume is hard to find.  Using Aveda’s Smooth Infusion primer and Moroccan Oil root boost on wet hair, Kassie says always dry the root first & make sure to blow dry backwards!   The celebrity secret to thicker, fuller hair may surprise you: Salon 124 Grayson stylist, KD has the…

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8 Gifts We DON’T Want for Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 2nd, 2016 by Tyler Ruby

Valentines Day Salon 124

This is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Guys, this one’s for you. We’re talking about what NOT to get your girl for Valentine’s day. We know the drill, Valentine’s Day comes up oh so quickly, and you forget. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 1. Blender This isn’t Smoothie King and we don’t want a blender so we can be whippin’ up drinks all day. Haven’t you seen Father of the Bride? 2. Pizza Hut Proposal Of course, we LOVE pizza (who doesn’t?) but we don’t want to see the words “Will You Marry Me?” written in pepperoni. Talk about cheesy. 3. Gardening Tools We don’t want any rakes or hoes (& neither should you), or any other type of gardening tool for that matter. Thanks, but no thanks. Instead, get her a different type of tool—hair tools! You can’t go wrong with giving her that flat iron she’s been wanting for months and a few of her favorite styling products.  We know you’ve seen them on the bathroom counter. Want to score even more points with your lady? Throw in a gift card to her favorite salon to use on beauty services and the products she loves! You can purchase a Salon 124 or Genesis Salon gift card here. 4. Name Tattoo The very LAST thing we want for Valentine’s Day is to see our name tattooed across your belly.  It’s just weird. 5. Batteries HA! You’re joking right? Horror story— my friend literally got batteries for Valentine’s Day one year and we may never know why.  Batteries… not the way into a girl’s heart.  But it might be the way out of a girl’s life! 6. Gym Membership Ugh. Guys, seriously? A gym membership won’t get us to start kickboxing, but it WILL get us to kick your…. Just don’t. 7. Coupons You know what we’re talking about….

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Brains Behind Balayage: The Ultimate Guide

Posted on January 13th, 2016 by Tyler Ruby


  Craving a new style but scared of change? We’ve got you covered. We’re talking about BALAYAGE. You know, that funny sounding word that no one can pronounce (for the record, it’s bah-lee-AHZGE). It’s the latest hair trend taking the world, and all of our Pinterest boards, by storm. So, what is balayage? It’s a highlighting technique using a hand-painted sweeping motion to apply hair color, rather than traditional foiling. More simple than you thought, huh? Balayage grows out more natural than other highlighting methods and doesn’t leave a harsh regrowth line when your hair begins to grow out. The result? LESS MAINTENANCE. Speaking of maintenance, how many days has it been since you washed your hair? Let’s get real— it’s been a day… or four. Luckily, balayage won’t emphasize those days of dirty hair. Dimension is painted on the ends of the hair and around the face, drawing attention to those areas rather than the roots. What’s one more day anyway? Along with extending the life of unwashed hair, balayage doesn’t require frequent visits to the salon for color touch-ups. The brains behind balayage originates in France (ohlala), and means to sweep; that’s just what balayage is, sweeping color onto the hair. Basically, it’s a technique performed to get an ombre’d look with little upkeep required to keep you looking good. So why do you NEED balayage? The better question is— why don’t you? Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore, and just about every Victoria’s Secret model on the runway consider balayage a staple in their look. Whether you’re aiming for a natural, more sun-kissed result, or trying to drastically lighten your super dark locks, balayage is the way to go. Channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw? Sarah Jessica Parker rocks her subtle balayage all day, every day. Sarah’s dirty…

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Where’s Your Hair?

Posted on December 21st, 2015 by Tyler Ruby

Wheres Your Hair Salon 124


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11 Great Gifts for Beauty Lovers

Posted on November 25th, 2015 by Tyler Ruby

Top Beauty Gifts 2015

  Bumble & Bumble Full of Cheer Thickening Set, $30 Set Includes a full-size Dryspun Finish and travel-size Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner and will give you that Christmas morning bounce you’ve been dreaming of! Purchase this set at any Salon 124 or Genesis by 124 locations   Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000, $300 “A good hairdryer is really all you need.” –Buddha Okay, okay, it wasn’t Buddha who said that… but it might as well have been! A great hairdryer will change your life. You can quote me on that. Click above to purchase.   Looking for something more affordable? The Super Solano Professional Hair Dryer, $150 or any Salon 124 or Genesis by 124 locations   Dior Holiday Couture Collection Creations Deluxe Palette, $89 This compact is PERFECT for holiday travel- everything you need in one gorgeous place. Click above to purchase   Topshop Beauty Smoky Eye Kit, £22 Create a New Year’s Eve look that will last until the ball drops! Click above to purchase   Smith Cosmetics Smithfolio Makeup Brush Case, $62 Unlike many make-up brush options, Smith brushes aren’t hollowed out, making them extra durable when you’re really workin’ on that holiday smoky eye. Plus, they come in a customizable case- no fuss, no mess, and no clutter. Click above to purchase   Benefit They’re Real Limited Edition Mascara, $26 I don’t have to convince you Benefit Cosmetics are the real deal, but the best part of this mascara is the bottle! It’s all dressed up for the season, sporting a Swarovski crystal-studded cap- creating a good grip for better lash curl. Two words: FUNCTIONAL. BEAUTY. Click above to purchase   Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Style Extend Kit, $35 This kit includes a dry shampoo AND CONDITIONER, plus a teasing comb. I’ll give it to…

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