Keune Academy by 124

Keune Academy by 124 Buckhead, GA

At the Keune Academy by 124 (formerly The Process Institute of Cosmetology) we offer courses in cosmetology and instructor training. As the exclusive Pivot Point member schools in the Atlanta area (Lawrenceville), you’ll receive the finest education available. You’ll also receive the knowledge and experience only a world-class salon organization can offer.

The Keune Academy by 124 is associated with The 124 Group of fine hair salons. Unlike other schools, who have no connection with a salon organization, you’ll benefit from the real-world experience of salon professionals. You’ll learn from a “designer” who not only knows the how’s of cosmetology, but also the why’s.

Students in our cosmetology courses receive both theory and practical experience in hair cutting, styling and the chemical processing of hair. Like the fundamental principles of art and science, Keune Academy by 124 graduates learn to balance the basic elements of form, texture and color with the practical application of bio-chemical structure and design.

The Keune Academy by 124 also offers both theory and practical experience in the basic methods of instructing and teaching cosmetology. As future teachers with the added insight of salon management and marketing, graduates from the Instructor Training program will be in demand throughout the cosmetology industry.

Cosmetology graduates may choose to begin their careers with a 124 Group salon or with other salons in Atlanta or the Southeast. Other graduates will benefit from our contacts with top salon organizations around the United States. Regardless of where they choose to work, graduates of the Keune Academy by 124 enjoy lifetime placement assistance.

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