Ask the Artist – Linsey @ Salon 124 Sugarloaf

Posted on August 5th, 2016 by Tyler Ruby

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Meet Linsey… She’s been with our company for 7 years and likes to call Salon 124 Sugarloaf home! She also attended our favorite school, Keune Academy by 124. We love Linsey for SO many reasons, but since you’re probably reading this on the clock, we’ll keep it quick!


Favorite Product: Keune Press Wax

Best style tip anyone ever gave you: $100 LOL

Client Pet Peeve: When they touch their hair during a blow dry

Fashion trend I don’t get is: Black lips

…but one I couldn’t resist trying was: Double top-knots

Favorite service to do on clients: Short hair cuts

Best way to relax: Netflix

What’s in your purse right now? Day planner, 15 lipsticks, Flonase, 3 pairs of sunglasses

If I could trade lives with another woman for a day, it would be: Meryl Streep

Nicknames: Spaz

The best gift I ever received from a client/coworker is: When i broke my arm a client gave me $200 and a beautiful letter

Celebrity Hair Crush: Carli Bybel

The super power I’d like to possess in real life is: Teleportation


We agree, Lins, teleporting could be fun! If you think Linsey would be a good hair match for you, you can call 770-623-0124 to schedule an appointment.


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