Meet Brian Perdue

Brian Perdue Salon 124

Brian Perdue | Founder and President

His name is not carved in stone or in bright lights, but Brian Perdue has made profound contributions to the lives of countless clients, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Growing up in rural Georgia, Brian didn’t dream of owning a hair salon, but he pursued life with infectious optimism. That’s a personality made for business, but it took Brian some false starts to find his calling.

With his wife Karen, who he met in college, the Perdue’s settled in the small, but growing Atlanta suburb of Snellville. After of series of unfulfilling sales positions, Karen convinced Brian to attend cosmetology school. Upon graduation, Brian took a job apprenticing with one of Atlanta’s better known salons. That experience convinced both Brian and Karen they should open their own salon, and in 1991 they purchased the Snellville salon where Karen was working.

From the beginning, Brian knew there was a burgeoning market in suburban Atlanta for an upscale salon experience. The keys to success would be in finding and training the best available talent and creating an experience their clients could rely on. Salon 124 first opened its doors in 1991. Located on Scenic Hwy. 124, thus the name, the salon was housed in a converted 50’s era ranch home. But it had plenty of parking, and the skill and care of what happened inside kept the lot full. In 1997 the salon went through an extensive remodeling that earned it The Salon of Year Award of Special Distinction from Modern Salon magazine.

Flushed with the success of Salon 124, Perdue planned to “grow” his business, by adding more locations and serving more clients. In opening Genesis Salon in 1996, Brian filled a mid-level niche provided a proving ground for newly trained stylists. It became obvious in order to maintain a consistent level of quality, the company would have to open its own educational facility. The Process Advanced Training Academy opened in 1997. Over the next decade, The 124 Group, as the company became known, opened several salons throughout the Atlanta area. It has been honored by Salon Today as one of America’s fastest growing salon organizations five years in a row.

Today, the “growth” of people is what excites Brian Perdue the most. The Process Institute of Cosmetology is now graduating future salon professionals every eight weeks. But in addition to a cosmetology degree, graduates of The Process will benefit from an experience no other school can offer, the positive energy of Brian Perdue.

The future of The 124 Group is very bright indeed. Young talent graduating from The Process will build their futures serving clients with fashion forward trends and techniques. More Salon 124 and Genesis Salon locations will be opened. And, though Brian Perdue is not known for creating a look or a style, his mark on the hair industry and thousands of individuals is being made everyday.