Corporate Giving

Inside Salon 124 Sugarloaf, GA

The 124 Group of fine hair salons including Salon 124, Genesis Salon and The Process Institute of Cosmetology, is proud to take an active part in community development and charitable causes. Working with members of our community is making a difference in the lives of our children, friends and neighbors.

The concerns and programs we support are an extension of our business philosophies and core values as a company. These include women’s health and wellness issues, family and children’s organizations and a variety of endeavors promoting creative, artistic and athletic enrichment.

Eligibility Requirements for Contributions

  1. Qualify for a nonprofit status under the Internal Revenue Code
  2. Benefit the local communities served by a 124 Group salon
  3. Show sound, responsible financial policies and management
  4. Does not duplicate or directly compete with other 124 Group causes, projects or programs.

Not Eligible

  1. Funds for individuals
  2. Projects of a political nature
  3. Beauty pageant participants
  4. Team sponsorships or fundraising competitions
  5. Event or program sponsorship
  6. Class reunions

After reviewing the eligibility requirements, if your organization or group would like to be considered for a corporate gift, submit in writing:

  1. A description of your organization and/or event, including purpose and objectives
  2. Amount of request, or free service requested for auction or award
  3. Date of event
  4. Contact person, contact information including address and phone numbers
  5. Proof of nonprofit status under the Internal Revenue Code

Submit requests to:

Corporate Giving Committee
The 124 Group
2023 Grayson Hwy SW, Ste. 201
Grayson, GA 30017