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Inside Salon 124 Sugarloaf, GA

Our purpose is to “Grow People.” We’re proud to offer individuals a career path that serves our business interests and benefits our communities as well. Growing People is a two-way responsibility. What we ask is honesty and commitment. What we provide is a fertile work environment, the education and the tools necessary for success and the security of a respected brand.

There are three distinct growing “stages” in our company. The first is the “training stage,” which involves a formal cosmetology education at our school, The Process Institute of Cosmetology. Upon graduation, a prospective stylist takes advanced training with The 124 Group’s Advanced Education Team. During the final months of the training stage, the student is exclusively scheduled to assist one of our senior stylists. This mentoring phase provides a “hands-on” experience as the student prepares for the next stage of their growth. It should be noted that graduates from other cosmetology programs, as well as experienced stylists, are considered after a technical evaluation. (see Careers-Experienced Stylists)

Once a person has completed cosmetology school, and passed our advanced training program, they are eligible to become a floor stylist at Genesis Salon. During the “Genesis Stage” they will continue to develop their skills and build a clientele. As a floor stylist at Genesis they will advance within the salon based on specifically defined objectives. With each promotion their income will increase as well. Their education continues and they also grow through interpersonal experience.

The third stage of growth is becoming a stylist at Salon 124. These stylists have proven their capability and demonstrated their commitment. They’ve also developed and retained a loyal client following. At Salon 124 they will continue sharpening their technical skills, and they’ll have opportunities to participate within senior leadership teams. The Artistic Team helps create and promote the artistic image of our company. They’re involved in marketing projects such as photo shoots and fashion shows. The Advanced Education Team helps in developing and teaching trends and techniques. They’re involved in assuring the consistent quality of our service. The Salon 124 stylist is at the top of their profession and represents a level of skill and experience second to none.

There is a final stage of growth within our company that involves being a Salon Partner. A Salon Partner manages one of our salons in partnership with the company. Salon Partnership is not franchising, but it is much more than just managing a salon. Salon Partners are rewarded based on salon performance and assist corporate directors with the overall direction of the company.

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